Great Books

Great Books by Charlie Girard – White Mountain – 1000 pieces

Another stellar picture; again, my apologies. This is a great image with good quality; finding and assembling each book cover was really fun!

I just completed a collage puzzle, and they are absolutely my favorite type of puzzle to work on. White Mountain has so many to choose from, and the quality is good to very good depending on the puzzle. I wish I had more here in my to do pile, because I would start another one tomorrow if I had one in the house! They make me very happy, and even if they’re 1000 pieces it doesn’t seem as intimidating.

Hubby and I worked on this together, and we compared the number of books each of us had read. Funny thing was, we had each read the same number of books, but none of them were the same except for one! We have each read The Cat in the Hat, otherwise our taste in literature is COMPLETELY different. Opposites attract I suppose. 😉

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