Picnic Raiders

Picnic Raiders by Steve Read – Buffalo – 300 pieces

I assembled this puzzle after resting for several days from a car trip/medical procedure. Funny that it’s in the queue for today, since this afternoon is another 3 hour trip to a doctor, gee doesn’t that sound like fun? 😐

I don’t always like Buffalo puzzles, the pieces seem so uniform and uninteresting; I have to be in the right mood to work a larger piece count from Buffalo. Luckily the 300 pieces they have don’t give me the same feeling, and I very much enjoy them. This cute little one by Steve Read was adorable, interesting, good quality, and just the right amount of challenging.

The puppies are the best part of the image, in my opinion. Puppies make me happy, although Boston Terrier puppies would have been even cuter if you ask me. 😉

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