The Talking Jigsaw Puzzle: The Fitness Center

The Talking Jigsaw Puzzle – The Fitness Center – Buffalo Games – 560 pieces

This picture is purposely not the greatest – I never want to give away the answer to puzzles that include a solution not shown on the box; Wasgij puzzles, What If puzzles, and any others that you have to figure out by yourself. These Talking Jigsaw puzzles are both a jigsaw and a logic puzzle in one and the correct completed image isn’t shown on the box.

Each small section is four pieces, and the characters are “talking” to each other. After the edge, you start by putting together all of the small sections; once you’ve assembled each one you have to use logic to determine where they fit into the puzzle by what they’re saying to each other or other clues. Sometimes they say where they are, what is next to them, or where another section belongs. It’s not really easy to describe, you have to work it yourself to see how everything goes together.

On the back of the puzzle the word “congratulations” is written over and over in several different fonts. If you’re ever unsure about whether you’ve placed a section correctly you can check the back to see if the words line up. This would be a perfect puzzle to assemble on a glass top table, you could check the back without having to keep flipping pieces over. (Although I don’t know how easy it would be to keep checking underneath the table, especially if you’re older like me and have any physical limitations.)

I’ve done three of these Talking Jigsaw puzzles, and they are so absorbing and entertaining – I adore them! We haven’t found them all, but we’ve been lucky to come across them here and there at different thrift stores. There are still The High School, The Beach, Heartbreak Hotel, and possibly more; here’s to hopefully finding and assembling them all. 🙂

Have you ever worked a Talking Jigsaw? What did you think?

11 thoughts on “The Talking Jigsaw Puzzle: The Fitness Center

    1. Hi Rose, where you begin is by putting together each 4 piece window (or room) or small section. These you can easily do using the image on the pieces. Once you have those all done, you then have to use what each section is saying, or the room number, or maybe just what’s going on in the image to figure out where it should be placed in the puzzle. Sometimes it will show a room number, and you can use that to find where it belongs in the “building”. Did any of that make sense? I hope!


  1. Sarah

    I have the office building from long ago – so fun! Have you run in to a 3D version of these? I had one in the early/mid 90s purchased from Spencer Gifts, and it was so fun, but I can’t remember what it was actually called, so searching the internet is proving difficult. If you find one, I’d love to see a box picture! Thanks!

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    1. Matt

      Hi Sara! I was searching for the 3D version myself and came upon this page… and then I did find the 3D ones on eBay! They’re not called “The Talking Jigsaw Puzzle,” though; they’re called “3D Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle,” so perhaps if you search for that phrase you’ll find them too. 🙂

      Like the “Talking” puzzles, there are a handful of different designs for the 3D ones: on eBay I see “Hotel Whodunit,” “Callacop Casualty Company,” “Testimony Tower,” “Culprit Castle,” and “Last Resort.”

      I only have one Talking Jigsaw Puzzle myself – The Office Building – and ADORE it!! I’m hoping to get more, and I’d love to try the 3D ones too. Oh! And while searching around on eBay, I also happened to see two “The Talking Jigsaw Puzzle Jr.” versions, with only 108 pieces each: “Toy Store” and “School.”

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  2. Cara

    I had the high school puzzle growing up and to this day it’s the most fun puzzle I ever did! It’s too bad they’re so hard to find nowadays. Thanks for posting this, I’ll keep an eye out for the other ones at thrift stores 😊

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  3. Ruth Lynch

    Love Talking Puzzles and w would really like to fix a few more of them.

    I did the Apartments years ago but have sadly lost sight of it during one of my house moves, which really breaks my heart.

    Would love to purchase a few of these puzzles if you are finished with them as they are great fun. Pretty please?

    Thanks, Ruth (London, UK)

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