Unseen by Edmundo Sanchez – Artifact Puzzles – 252 pieces

In honor of the official first day of fall, today’s puzzle is a spooky one I’ve been waiting to post since I finished it at the beginning of August. It’s “Halloweeny” and I’ve been keeping it till it was the right time. Fall brings Halloween (my favorite holiday), and therefore today is the perfect day for this puzzle!

This is the most difficult, challenging, and wonderfully frustrating wooden puzzle I’ve ever assembled. I bought it during the clearance sale at Artifact Puzzles; I’d been looking at it for a while, but the sale gave me the extra push to go ahead and get it. I loved the look of it, and was excited to be able to purchase it at half price. 🙂

There weren’t many whimsy pieces, but most of the pieces had connectors shaped like bones, so most of them were “whimsy-like”. I started with the skull, obviously, and it wasn’t too difficult. The rest of the puzzle was another story, and it sat on my puzzle board for several weeks before my son and I finally finished it.


I love the faces inside the eye sockets, they’re creepy and cute at the same time and in my opinion they make the whole image as wonderful as it is. The pictures on the website make it seem less difficult than it was, it showed a much lighter background that didn’t look as hard as it actually was. There’s a border of smoky filigree that you can’t really see on the puzzle because the chocolate background is so dark.


Once the skull was complete I was absolutely intimidated by the remainder of the pieces. They were all so dark and the connectors all looked so similar. It was a bit overwhelming for me, so I needed to give myself some time and distance. I put the board in my puzzle room; some days I would walk by and stop to put in a piece or two, sometimes a few weeks would go by before I even tried to put in any pieces.

When my son and I spent a few days together working on puzzles, he wanted to get this one finished. So we finished it together one day while watching M*A*S*H. It was so nice to spend time with him assembling it, and with someone else to help out and talk to it made it less overwhelming. We were both so proud when we finished!

We flipped it over once the pictures were taken, and my favorite part was this skull and crossbones with a top hat – so cute!


This puzzle was wonderful, scary, difficult, and ultimately a lot of fun. I’m so glad I finally purchased it, but I don’t think I’ll be assembling it again. It was such a challenge that I haven’t disassembled it yet, and am having my husband make me a special frame with plexiglass on both sides so that you can see the front and the back. I would never glue a wooden jigsaw puzzle, but hubby will make me a fantastic frame that will make it so it doesn’t need gluing.

I loved it – overwhelming challenge and all. ☠

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