Country Cottage

Country Cottage by Dominic Davidson – Ravensburger -1500 pieces

Horribly photographed, but quite a fun puzzle. I long for the days when I could assemble a 1500 piece puzzle without having an anxiety attack. 😕 Great quality puzzle, and I had a great time with it. That surprised both myself and mom – at the time (2+ years ago) it wasn’t really the kind of image I enjoyed assembling.

Turns out, many times I’m completely wrong about whether or not I will enjoy a puzzle. Sometimes I see the image and think, “Oh man, that’s going to be so much fun!”. Then once I start the assembly I’m completely disappointed by it. Other times I think “Ugh, that one’s gonna suck.” and it turns out to be great fun. Seems to me I can’t trust the fickle old lady brain in my head, I should just get to assembling and let it play out.

Unfortunately the picture I took seems to be another one where I was in the process of falling over, I apologize. But I want to stand up for myself again and say that these older pictures were ones I took on my phone to text to both my mom and daughter. When any of us finish a puzzle we text a picture to each other; they’re not always the best quality. When I assembled and finished this puzzle I hadn’t yet started My Jigsaw Journal, and I had no idea that I’d end up publishing these photos. This is what it’s supposed to look like…


It’s a beauty! The puzzle was excellent quality, the image is beautiful and calming, and it was one of our better thrift store finds. You can’t beat 99 cents for a 1500 piece Ravensburger! 🤑

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