In Progress

Cow Parade in progress
Cow Parade in progress

So I’m working on another 1000 piece puzzle, but wasn’t feeling well enough to go sit in the puzzle room at the big board. But because it’s such a cool collage, I was able to start working on it in bed, on cookie sheets. This is what I’ve done so far on the trays. The cows are so fun, aren’t they?

This puzzle is a collection of some of the cows designed and decorated by artists all over the globe for CowParade, the world’s largest and most successful public art event. Over $20 million dollars have been raised by charitable organizations all over the world by the auctioning of the cows. Wow!

I absolutely love the look of this puzzle, each of the cows is so interesting and beautifully decorated. Some are funny, some are cute, and some are just cool. They have some awesome names, too! It isn’t shown in this picture, but one of them is named Jacques Moosteau – I bet you can’t wait to see him. 🐮

I’ve finally gotten myself out of bed if only for a little bit, and am working this on my big puzzle board. It’s going well; even though the edge was a bit of a cowtastrophe 😉 at first, and I’m having quite a good time!

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