The Riding Lesson

The Riding Lesson by Marlier – Ravensburger – 300 pieces

Another kids puzzle with a missing piece, but it’s really not that surprising. I know I wasn’t the best at taking care of my things when I was younger, so it’s no shock when there is a piece or two missing from kids puzzles we buy from the thrift stores.

Ravensburger puzzles hold up really well, this puzzle was well-loved and seemed a bit old. The pieces were still in excellent condition and the fit was still very good. You can tell sometimes by the inside of the box itself and the backs of the pieces if a puzzle has some age to it. I haven’t been able to find a date of manufacture for this puzzle, so it seems older to me but I can’t be sure.

It may seem silly that I enjoy assembling puzzles made for children, but I honestly don’t care. I’m not trying to impress anyone, and if putting together a puzzle is fun for me it shouldn’t matter who it’s made for; whether it has only 24 pieces or 2000 it makes no difference. All that really matters is the puzzling itself, it’s calming for me and makes me happy – that’s what’s important.


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