Fascinating Underwater World

Fascinating Underwater World – Ravensburger – 100 pieces

I love a good puzzle, even if it’s only 100 pieces and made for kids. All the better for me at the moment because I get that completion satisfaction without having to spend several days working for only a few minutes at a time and making very little progress. Kids puzzles are great for my fragile puzzling ego! 😎

Ravensburger puzzles are excellent quality and their kids puzzles are no exception. It’s almost more apparent in their puzzles for children; the wonderfully thick, large pieces and the soft click as they fit together is first-rate. I’ve said it many times before, puzzles for children need to be more sturdy and able to withstand multiple assemblies and rougher handling – Ravensburger definitely meets those standards.

My adopted grandson has a LOT of puzzles; he absolutely loves them and I always bring him one or two when I visit – I’m the puzzle grandma. His favorite brand is Ravensburger (a kid after my own heart!), and he even continues to re-assemble the ones with missing pieces over and over because he loves the way they feel and fit together. This puzzle is destined for him and I know he’s going to enjoy the picture and pieces and it will definitely be well loved at his house.

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