Vibrant Puzzle Calendar Kit Puzzles 11 & 12

I’ve assembled all 6 puzzles (12 images), and I have to say I really enjoyed them, even much more than I thought I would! I think these two images are my favorite out of all of them, why did I save this one for last?

There’s not much left to say about these one coffee puzzles; I had a great time assembling them, and it’s so nice to sit down and work a puzzle from start to finish in just a few minutes. If you haven’t seen the rest of the images, follow the links below.

Puzzles 1 & 2 Flower shop & Butterflies

Puzzles 3 & 4 Bouquet & Window Box

Puzzles 5 & 6 Gourds & Bird

Puzzles 7 & 8 Aspens & Heart

Puzzles 9 & 10 Ladybug & Ivy

I’d love for us to find the other calendar kit they produced, because I loved this one. It’s going to mom’s house next, and I’m sure she’ll enjoy it as well. We absolutely got our 99 cents worth from this purchase! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Vibrant Puzzle Calendar Kit Puzzles 11 & 12

  1. anonymous person

    I love that you did your images in a different way for this review and we could click it to see it larger. Have you been actually using the calendar part of this kit or just assembling the puzzles?


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