Hang Loose

Hang Loose by Scott Westmoreland – Ravensburger – 500 pieces

This is a puzzle that I probably wouldn’t have purchased new; it’s not the typical artwork that interests me. But as usual I am proven wrong because this was so much fun to assemble! Will I ever learn? Probably not. But it is fun that I’m still getting surprised by how fun a certain image is to assemble, so I guess I’ll just keep on being me! 😉

In addition, it was a great puzzle to work with someone else (my mom ❤) – the towels and surfboards on opposite ends of the puzzle make it perfect for working with others. It’s easy to grab the pieces for one of the boards or towels and assemble it without getting in someone else’s way. We had a great time with this puzzle, and it was just the right amount of challenging with the sky and ocean. I highly recommend it!

This would be a great puzzle for a summer vacation with family, or even for a holiday get together where you’re snuggled in front of a fire wishing for the beach. Hang loose, and happy puzzling! 😎


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