Dog Hammock

Dog Hammock – Remarks – 200 pieces

Another adorable dog puzzle, look at that face! What a sweet, sweet puppy!

I wasn’t feeling great when I did this, and because it was only a 200 piece puzzle I was able to work on it lying down in bed. It doesn’t take up much room and fits easily on my white board even though it’s a larger piece puzzle. They’re large for Re-Marks, but not the largest I’ve worked with.

These pieces fit together very well, and it was a fun puzzle all around. It really was an excellent image for puzzling, the hammock, dog, and flower were easy to find and assemble. There wasn’t too much plain white space, but enough that the puzzle wasn’t too easy to complete. Excellent quality puzzle, with a truly adorable image. They have more in the series, including 2 more puzzles with dogs, a cat, a hamster, and a frog. They’re all very cute, and I would love to find and assemble them as well. 🙂

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