What TV Show Is That?

What TV Show Is That? – Buffalo – 252 pieces

This puzzle was even more fun than What Word is That? that mom and I did earlier this year. We knew almost all of the answers about tv shows; oh dear, what does that say about our intelligence? 🙂

Not only did we know most of the tv show answers, the background of the puzzle itself was also a little bit easier to see and use for help in placing each question and answer. It works almost like the Talking Jigsaw puzzles in that you can put together each question and answer, and then use the background to place them in their correct position in the puzzle. Buffalo Games makes both series, which is nice because the quality for both is very good.

We really had a good time with this puzzle, I would still love to find the rest of them. There is What Movie is That? and Who Said That? and more. Here’s hoping they’re coming to a thrift store near us!

Kukla, Fran, and Ollie?

I think the show on the tv set is Kukla, Fran, and Ollie, but it’s a bit before my time – mom wasn’t sure either. We also weren’t sure about the Gunsmoke answer, but apparently Burt Reynolds was in 50 episodes of the show! (He played Quint, for those of you old enough to have watched it)

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