Penny – Bendon – 101 pieces

Pretty cool puzzle! 100 piece puzzles only takes a few minutes, but they’re still fun to assemble.

The pieces of this one were thin, but fit together well. Not the best quality for a kid’s puzzle, but not horrid either. Another thrift store find, and another new company – always interesting!

It’s a good thing we have so many kid’s puzzles to assemble. I’m having the hardest time sitting, even for a few minutes. I’m spending most of my days in bed and only able to concentrate long enough for a small piece count puzzle. I’m working on a 2000 piece puzzle at the moment but it is going at the pace of a sedated snail. 😐

For some reason I really like the look of this puzzle; it wasn’t the greatest quality but it was a quick fun assembly and will hopefully enjoy it’s new home at the school. 👍

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