Under the Sea

Under the Sea – Melissa & Doug – 100 pieces

Wow this puzzle was big! I didn’t want to get my big 4 x 5 foot board out just for a kid’s puzzle, so I did this one on my bedroom floor. It’s over 50 inches tall!

The pieces are extremely thick and sturdy, with a finish that can be wiped down if your young child gets any of the pieces sticky. They fit together very well – all in all excellent quality from Melissa & Doug. This puzzle also had an informational insert that has the names of all the creatures shown in the puzzle. Some of them I’d never heard of, I love learning new stuff!

I enjoy working the educational puzzles we’ve found, especially because we now donate most of our kid’s puzzles to a school, and I get to learn cool new things! Plus, when I’m working on a difficult puzzle, it’s nice to pick up a kids puzzle and finish it without having to concentrate too much.



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