Just Married

Just Married by Ronald West – Anatolian (Perre Group) – 1024 pieces

There’s something about this image I just can’t put my finger on, but I absolutely loved it and had to get it. It’s the people, it almost feels like they have character. I’m not explaining it properly, but that’s the best I can do. I love these people and this image, and it made for an excellent puzzle! 🙂

The pieces of this puzzle seemed to fit a little better than the previous Anatolian puzzle I did, and the piece shapes are not so obvious in the finished image. The quality was very good, and so far I’ve very much enjoyed the puzzles from this company. There was a good variety of piece shapes that fit together very well, and the image reproduction is quite nice too.

I’m looking forward to getting more puzzles by Ronald West, I absolutely adore his work! There are a couple in stock at Puzzle Warehouse that I’ve got my eye on. I hope to find more. His artwork makes me happy, turn it into a puzzle and I’m doubly happy! 😍

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