Gormiti – Ravensburger – 200 pieces

Absolutely gorgeous colors and excellent pieces! I think this is my first 200 piece Ravensburger; quite a bummer that a piece was missing. 😒

I have found, through my extensive thrift store puzzle “research” that children’s puzzles seem much more likely to have missing pieces than adult puzzles. Children are usually a little more careless with their things – I know I certainly was as a child; it’s not really surprising when there’s a missing piece. Sometimes when the puzzle is such excellent quality it’s a bit of a downer, but those are the chances we take buying used.

I’m not familiar with the toy or tv series, but my children don’t usually watch cartoons anymore. Regardless, I loved this puzzle. Here’s hoping our next 200 piece Ravensburger has all of it’s parts. 🙂

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