Dad’s Shed

Dad’s Shed by Michael Herring – Ravensburger – 500 pieces

I really enjoy Ravensburger’s large piece puzzles; the pieces feel thick and amazing and it seems like the puzzle goes so much faster with the larger pieces.  This was another thrift store find, of course. 🙂

It’s a nice picture; but it’s very brown, and not a picture I would normally choose. Although it’s only 500 pieces it took me a little bit longer than normal – there was a LOT of browns. Still, it wasn’t too bad an assembly. I prefer more colors to work with, but that’s just me. Even though the image itself isn’t my cup of tea, the quality of the puzzle made all the difference.

Puzzling is a very tactile experience for me; I find myself rubbing my fingers over the pieces when I’m thinking and I always run my hands over the puzzle during and after the assembly. Working with a premium puzzle makes most images, even ones I wouldn’t normally do, more enjoyable for me. So when we’ve got a puzzle with excellent quality, but not my preferred kind of artwork I usually go for it. Most of the time I end up enjoying it in spite of myself. 🙂


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