Safety First

Safety First – Perfect Picture Puzzle – 375+ pieces

This is an extremely old puzzle, mom and I think it’s more than 70 years old – there’s an ad selling war bonds on the front of the box! You never know when you’re going to find something awesome at the thrift store. She’s so good at finding interesting puzzles, maybe because when dad gets on her nerves she goes shopping at all the goodwill stores. She gets annoyed often it seems! 😉

This was a cardboard puzzle, but so thick and sturdy that it feels almost like wood. The pieces don’t all actually connect, but where they do the fit is wonderful. I found this puzzle much more difficult than expected, which was wonderful and interesting. There were several spots where it was very difficult to figure out what went where.

The image itself is beautiful, but looking at the pieces separately they have an almost blurry quality. Makes for a more challenging assembly, and then when you look at the finished puzzle you wonder why you had difficulty at all. Deceptive! Loved it!

We can’t bring ourselves to throw away such a wonderful, old puzzle even though a piece is missing. I might try my hand at fashioning a replacement piece; that may be difficult though because the box is showing it’s age as well and wouldn’t work for copying the color. We’ll do the best we can, but even with the missing piece it’s a wonderful vintage puzzle. 🙂


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