Review: What’s For Breakfast?

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What’s For Breakfast? – White Mountain (Family Time Puzzle) – 400 pieces

What’s For Breakfast? was such a fun puzzle! This was my first Family Time Puzzle from White Mountain, and it was very entertaining. I love a collage puzzle anyway, but it added a little something to have pieces of 3 different sizes. Large pieces for the kids or seniors, medium pieces for those in between, and smaller pieces for adults. Each size had about 1/3 of the puzzle, I loved it. It was fun by myself, and would be even more fun with the family. 🙂

White Mountain puzzles have good quality. Their pieces are a bit bigger than average, which makes for a larger finished puzzle – it looks like a big accomplishment when you’re done! They have an excellent catalog, and I think the best collages in the business. Click here to see all the puzzles available from White Mountain at Puzzle Warehouse. There are so many great puzzles to choose from I can never decide on just one or two! (I ordered 5 last time 😮)

The finished puzzle is 18 x 24 inches ( 45 x 61 cm). The pieces of this puzzle seem different than older White Mountain puzzles I have assembled, the chipboard seems tighter, more compressed. I like it! There were a few pieces that weren’t cut all the way through and had to be separated, but 99% of them were just fine. There was little to no puzzle dust in the bag and no hanging bits of paper on the pieces; this again is an improvement over older WM puzzles I’ve assembled, looks like they’re improving their quality! There were a good variety of piece shapes and they fit together quite well. The image reproduction was excellent, with all the bright colors I remember from the cereals I ate as a child, and a matte finish to prevent glare. Excellent quality! The boxes are large and colorful and have the name of the puzzle, piece count, manufacturer and a partial image on all four sides, perfect for shelving either vertically or horizontally.

The assembly was speedy and fun and took me back to my youth. There are a couple cereals there I don’t remember, like Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy, but for the most part I remember them all. I can’t believe the difference in the Trix rabbit; look at the Trix box in the top row, he’s certainly very different there than he looks now!

It was easy to pick out all the large pieces and assemble that side of the puzzle, then transition to the medium and then the small. It made for an interesting assembly as someone working alone, but would be lots of fun for a family to assemble in an evening. Wouldn’t it be great to turn off the tv and put the phones down for a night and spend some time together working on a family puzzle?

Collage puzzles are my favorites to assemble, it’s like getting many little puzzles in one❣ White Mountain has an excellent catalog of collage puzzles to choose from, or click the link above to see all the collage puzzles currently available at Puzzle Warehouse.

What’s For Breakfast? is an excellent collage puzzle that the whole family can enjoy and assemble together, or that you could do on your own. The different piece sizes make it easy for all age groups to work together or for an interesting assembly for just one person. Definitely recommended. 👍👍


I received this product at no cost to facilitate this review, all thoughts and opinions expressed are truthful and 100% my own.

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