Pirate’s Landing

Pirate’s Landing by Ulrike Schneiders – Ceaco – 300 pieces

This is one of three puzzles mom and I finished in one day. 🙂 This was another thrift store find that had never been opened. I keep wondering how that happens!

It’s a Ceaco puzzle, so it had thin pieces and a lot of puzzle dust; but the image reproduction is very nice and the pieces fit together well. This would be a nice puzzle to donate to a senior center – the very bright colors and large pieces would make for a nice activity. Perhaps that is where this puzzle will find a new home. 🙂

This is from a puzzle series by Ceaco and photographer Ulrike Schneiders called Bear Necessities. They feature toy bears; the pictures are cute and fun, and make for excellent puzzling.

It’s a charming image, and the assembly was a nice distraction from a very stressful day. Even when it’s not a premium quality puzzle I can still turn off my brain and dive headfirst into a puzzle where all I have to do is find the next piece. Thank goodness for the thrift store puzzles that keep our costs down – there’s a lot more stress than cash these days! 😐

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