Day at the Zoo

Day at the Zoo by Eric Dowdle – Dowdle Puzzles – 100 pieces

This kid’s puzzle from Dowdle was excellent quality. I enjoy Dowdle’s artwork and this was the first kid’s puzzle of his that I’ve done.

The pieces were thick and sturdy, which is super important in a kid’s puzzle, they’re not always gentle. There were a nice variety of piece shapes and the pieces fit together very well. I love it when a company puts effort and quality in a puzzle for kids, and from this puzzle I would say Dowdle definitely does!

There’s lots of discover when you’re assembling this puzzle, the monkeys are up to their usual monkey business, the penguins are roaming around with the patrons, and the bears are trying to feed cotton candy to the big cats. 😮 This is a great puzzle for kids and thankfully all the pieces were here so I can give this one to my grandson for him to enjoy.

Mom’s gone a bit crazy with the kid’s puzzles lately since she was helping my grandson with puzzles on “puzzle assembly day”. She saw how good he was at assembling puzzles and now she’s determined to find him as many as she can. There will probably be a few more kid’s puzzles than usual on the blog, there’s so many more to assemble every time she comes home from the thrift store! 😁

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