Disney Panorama of Friends

Disney Panorama of Friends – Cardinal Games – 150 pieces

Another cool thrift store find, a new company to try out, and a super fun image for Disney fans. Three for the price of one!

When we assembled the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle last week I wanted to bring a kid’s puzzle or two for children to work on if they were bored. Turns out it was a great idea, because adults and children alike were working on the puzzles – maybe I inspired someone!  This puzzle was the one everyone was helping with; the bright colors, familiar characters, and excellent quality made it the favorite of the day. (Besides the big kahuna of course) 😉

I was impressed with the quality of this puzzle. The pieces were extremely sturdy and fit together well, the image reproduction was bright without being over the top, and the finished puzzle lies flat and is seamless. Excellent quality for a children’s puzzle!

If you read this blog regularly you know I don’t really talk about the boxes puzzles come in unless they were awful or really cool. The box this puzzle came in was not good at all. It was slightly curved which isn’t a problem, but was made of thin cardboard and the attached top had 2 places where it was to be opened. Not the best idea for a kids puzzle if you ask me, the one we bought was ripped on the top. I prefer a box that has a separate bottom and a top so that you don’t have to damage the box to open it and it makes it a little more difficult to lose a piece. The box wasn’t ideal for a children’s puzzle, and especially one that was such good quality – the puzzle will last, but what about the box?

Box issues aside, this was an excellent puzzle. I looked on their website and Cardinal Games has a good catalog of children’s puzzles and even some adult puzzles in 300, 500, and 1000 pieces. I’m interested to see what the quality of the adult puzzles is like, perhaps my black belt thrift store shopper will be able to find one for us to try. 😎🛒


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