Thursday 03-23-17


It’s Bambi! I know I keep saying it, but these guys are so cute!

Thumper now has both his ears (and he’s connected to the edge), and Bambi has a face. He was even easier to put together than Thumper!  I’m enjoying this section very much, just like I thought I would. It’s my reward for sticking with this enormous project – saved the best for last! Although, if I had it to do over again (NO THANK YOU), I might have saved Snow White too. So many characters and bright colors, I may have enjoyed her more if I weren’t so overwhelmed with beginning the enormous project. Ah well, I had fun even if it was a little scary at the start.

There were several errands I had to run today, so I only worked in the morning before I went out and left it alone the rest of the day. I’m resting, watching my latest Netflix show, and working on a much smaller puzzle in bed.

Tomorrow will be continuing with Bambi, giving the poor little guy a body and some legs. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to finish him or not, but I’ll make an effort. It may take 2 more days, but it’ll be fun no matter. 🙂

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