Old Time Rockers!

Old Time Rockers (Wasgij Destiny #16) by James Alexander – Jumbo – 1000 pieces

This Wasgij was so much fun! I love the destiny puzzles where they show you a scene from long ago and you have to figure out how it looks now or how the characters have changed. As usual, I’m only showing a tiny bit of the puzzle because I don’t want to spoil the fun for anyone who hasn’t done the puzzle yet. That lady in the picture sure doesn’t look like an old time rocker, does she? 😉

Jumbo is one of the best jigsaw puzzle companies in my opinion, they’re right up there with Ravensburger! The pieces have a wonderful feel, an almost waxy coating, they fit together beautifully (sometimes better than Ravensburger), the piece thickness is excellent, and the it’s just an excellent assembly from beginning to end. Add excellent artists and a wonderful selection and they are right up there at the top!

The rockers in this puzzle were playing a large arena in the 70’s, so where are they now? Still playing large venues, or maybe something smaller? What does everyone look like 40 years later? In some cases, it ain’t pretty! And how has their audience changed? It makes for a fun AND funny puzzle that I highly recommend!

5 thoughts on “Old Time Rockers!

  1. Perhaps I need to give Jumbo another go, I had some really bad experiences with them. Pieces fitting where they don’t belong and practically all pieces the same basic shape. I can see from your close-up that this is much better.

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