Thursday 02-15-17 80% Done!

32,256 pieces assembled – 8,064 to go!

I did my best to get a good picture, and this was the best I was able to take. I thought about standing the board up against the wall, but that’s how the whole Jungle Book fiasco happened. So here’s the best I could do for now, Hakuna Matata!

This section was fun, and just gorgeous! I loved every minute of the assembly, and I’m kinda sad that it’s over with to be honest. This section took 15 days, which isn’t bad considering there were some medical issues going on and some days I wasn’t able to do much puzzling at all. Some days I took trays of pieces to bed with me and worked on it laying down in another room! 🙂

I’m loving this whole puzzle so much, but I’m dreading being completely finished. I still have no idea what to do with the completed puzzle, none whatsoever. 😦 Any suggestions? Please help!! I know when all 10 sections are complete I’m going to want to assemble them all so I can take lots of pictures of my accomplishment. But if I don’t figure out what’s going to happen with the finished puzzle I may end up having to disassemble the puzzle back into 10 sections. The very thought of that makes me cringe!

Next up……. Beauty and The Beast, isn’t it lovely?


It will probably be a day or two before I’m able to start working on Beauty and The Beast. The Lion King is still on the board so we have to carefully get Simba and friends taken off and stored, and there is still sorting to do. I am really looking forward to this one, I’ve been looking forward to it since September! I’ve saved the ones I thought would be the most fun for last and here we are – I’m so excited!

3 thoughts on “Thursday 02-15-17 80% Done!

  1. Alain

    Congrats on already finishing 80% 😀😀
    I am at 24% with the whole puzzle.

    The 4 % is from beauty and the beast, which is fun to do.

    I also have no clue what to do with puzzle when it is done, but i have more time to figure this out…

    Just to inform you, in the Netherlands there is a guy who completed the whole puzzle and Ravensburger is going to visit them. Was small article in newspaper.

    Enjoy beaty and the beast

    Best regards from Belgium



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