Fuchsia Faerie

Fuchsia Faerie by Rachel Arbuckle – Purrfect Puzzles – 1000 pieces

I was looking for something on Amazon, and saw this puzzle in the “you might like” section of the page.  Something about it drew me in and I ordered it that day! I’m glad I did. 🙂

I had never even heard of this puzzle company before, so that was interesting to me and I saw that the puzzles were manufactured in the Netherlands which usually means good quality. I was right! The pieces are wonderfully thick and have a linen wrap which feels good in your hands. The fit is excellent which is one of the most important factors for me and the image quality is exceptional. And this is the first puzzle I’ve ever seen where the standard 2 prong 2 hole shape is the shape with the LEAST number of pieces. There were many more pieces of the more interesting shapes and I loved that! It is a grid cut puzzle, not a random cut, but there were more of the other shapes than the standard 2/2 piece.

I enjoyed this assembly very much and finished it quickly for a 1000 piece. It sucked me in and I just had to keep going. The faerie was beautiful, and it was easy to get started by pulling the pieces for her hair, and all the dots along the border, then the sequined bodice, rest of the border, etc. The pieces fit together so well that it was easy to assemble a small section and pick it up to move it into place. This puzzle was awesome from start to finish!

I want more Purrfect puzzles! This could be bad. 😐

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