Friday 01-27-17

Almost there – tomorrow’s the day!

Only 190 pieces left – tomorrow is definitely the last day for this section! Although, unless hubby brought some more giant pieces of cardboard home from work it’s going to have to stay on the board all weekend until we have a piece of cardboard to cover it with and tape it up. That’s ok though, I can sort the pieces of the next section this weekend. If he brings some cardboard Monday after work we can take it off the board that night, then I can start The Lion King on Tuesday. I guess that will give me lots of time to work on a smaller puzzle this weekend, mom found an awesome 500+ piece puzzle this week at the thrift store!

It’s going quite well and very quickly, there aren’t many pieces to look through to find what I need and it gets more fun with each piece I find! My mom better get her butt over here and put a piece in tomorrow or she will be out of luck. 😮

I really have enjoyed this section even though it was the one I was dreading the most. And now tomorrow it’ll be in the books! I’m so excited!! 🙂


Thursday 01-26-17


Mickey is finally finished! His hat is complete, and it only took me about 3500 pieces to find all of it!

According to my count there are 507 pieces left to go, so depending on how I’m feeling and how much time I am able to spend on it it should be done in the next 2 days, 3 if things aren’t going well. The end is in sight!

There is a little bit of black left on the rock that Mickey is standing on, and the rest of the pieces are all blues, greys and white. The fun part about coming to the end of the section is that with each piece you find things go faster and faster. It gets exciting!