Cookbooks by Charlie Girard – White Mountain Puzzles – 1000 pieces

This puzzle was sooooo much fun for me! Lots of words to assemble – love it! A collage – too fun! Cookbooks – I love a good cookbook! (I know I’m weird, but I’m adorable and amusing so it’s ok) 🙂

My daughter got this for my mom. She loves cookbooks even more than I do, I would say she probably has a couple hundred of them at least. 😮 She even has a couple of the cookbooks in the puzzle, and so do I! She loved it, and I assembled it when she was done.

It’s one of the puzzles that I would definitely do over again. I enjoyed looking at the names of the cookbooks and the pictures on the covers were cute, funny, beautiful and sometimes very odd. I love that stuff! This is a great puzzle that I definitely recommend.

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