Friday 01-20-17

Just over 2000 pieces assembled!

I’m kind of impressed with myself! I’m over halfway there in 7 days! It’s going along about as quickly as the other sections, which surprises me. I thought for sure it would take longer. Maybe the second half of it will, I’ll have to wait and see.

I have a bit more of the brown to do, hopefully I can finish that tomorrow or Sunday. Not sure where to go from there, but I’ll wait and see what speaks to me. I know I keep saying that, but with a puzzle like this it isn’t always easy to know where you should go next after finishing a section or color. At least for me it isn’t. Right now I have 4 containers of pieces left. One is all pale blueish/purplish pieces, and they probably go all around the edges of the image next to the twinklies. One is all darker pieces, dark browns, black, and very very dark blues. Another is just medium blue pieces which are probably most of the background on the left side of the image. And the last container is half and half pieces (half blue/half white, etc.) or pieces that didn’t belong anywhere else but there weren’t enough to make a separate container for. None of them are jumping out at me like, “You should do us next!” So sometimes I just have to wait till I need to start working on something else and decide right then which one looks like the least tedious, or has the fewest pieces, etc. That’s how my old lady brain works, in case anyone was wondering. 😉

I wonder how many other people are working on this puzzle. Are they working on it alone or with friends? Are they enjoying it as much as I am? What are they planning on doing with it when they’re finished? How far have they gotten? I’m curious. I’d love to know how many units Ravensburger has sold.

If anyone who reads my blog is working on this puzzle I’d love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Friday 01-20-17

  1. Alain


    My name is Alain and I am from Belgium.
    For Christmass I received the largest puzzle in the world as a present.

    I love to puzzle, although I don’t have always the time.

    After a quick search on the internet i found your blog and I am reading it since beginning of this year. It is nice to wake up and go to your blog to see the progress of each puzzle.

    I started on Xmas day to work on the Lion King as this is my favourite Disney Movie. I finished it 1 weeks ago and already started at at snow white. I work on the puzzle whenever I have time, because combining it with full time job doesn’t leave me with much time.
    But it relaxes me and is a nice way to relax

    I see it as a 2 year project and have also no clue what to do when finished.
    But I still have time as I only finished like 12% 🙂





    1. Hi Alain! It’s great to talk to someone who is doing the same puzzle. Congrats on finishing The Lion King, that’s the section I’m doing after I complete Fantasia and I’m really looking forward to it.

      It’s good to have someone reading the blog everyday because it gives me incentive to make progress every day, even if it’s just a few pieces. Let me know if you decide what to do with your finished puzzle, I have no clue what to do!



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