Wednesday 01-18-17


I didn’t add onto the twinklies today, even though I have a bit more to add if I can find where they go. I mainly worked on Mickey, and once he was done I did part of the stone he is standing on and the stairs beside him. It doesn’t look like much, but it’s a start.


I was surprised I had pulled almost all of the pieces for Mickey except for his hat and three missing pieces from his hands.  I didn’t think I’d have that many! Assembling him went very quickly this morning and then I worked here and there throughout the day with the light blue of the rock and the dark and light browns of the stairs.

Putting together Mickey actually had me looking forward to the next 3 sections, because there are large characters and blocks of color that will be fun to assemble – like Mickey was this morning! All I have to do now is get through this section. Lots of sprays of water, foam, and swirls of magic. I can do it!

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