Tuesday 01-17-17


Not bad! Although I have to tell you that I cheated a little bit. I couldn’t sleep much last night, so I was up late working on the puzzle after I had already posted. Whatever, there are no rules here, it’s puzzle anarchy!!

I was more careful this time about sorting the twinklies, and as you can see I have much more of them done than on the Little Mermaid section. I still have some left over! There’s something nice about having a frame around the puzzle, it’s soothing to my OCD I think. I’ve always done puzzles by doing the edge first and so I feel better having an “edge”.

Tomorrow I’ll work on Mickey, but that won’t take too long because I don’t have very many pieces for him sorted. I’m not sure if I’ll move on to something else once I’m done with those or if I’ll sift through some containers of pieces looking for ones I missed the first time. Depends. Tune in tomorrow to find out!


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