Monday 01-09-17


I’m down to under 1000 pieces left, so everything is laid out on trays. It’s a little slow going at times, but I know whatever piece I’m looking for has to be here somewhere!

It’s coming along quickly now, and shouldn’t be too much longer before this section is done. I’ve really been enjoying this section and hope that continues with the remaining 4 sections! Well, probably not. Fantasia is next and I think it’s going to be the hardest one. But I think the other 3 sections will be much easier, especially after Fantasia is finished! Fantasia, The Lion King, Bambi and Beauty and the Beast are all that’s left.

From here on in there really isn’t a plan of attack other than to just keep on filling in. Every piece that is assembled is one less piece to look through. The assembly gets a tiny bit faster with each added piece, and before you know it, you’re finished!

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