Thursday 01-05-17


Not as much progress today as yesterday, but it’s all forward movement!

3 out of the 4 fish are done or mostly done, and I got a little bit of water added. Hopefully tomorrow I will get the last fish completed and a bit more water. Eric needs the rest of his head and shirt, I need to finish the tree branch Scuttle and the frogs are on, and there are plenty of fireflies. After that, all that’s left are shades of blue. But if I could get through all that blue in the Peter Pan section I can definitely get through this one. The blues are quite a bit lighter on this section which is much easier to work with, for me at least.

Still having a great time with this puzzle. Listening to stand up comedy while I work, or if I’m in the mood for it I have the soundtracks to all these movies. Plenty of songs to sing along to! And if neither of those appeals to me, there is a LOT of 80’s music to keep me company 🙂


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