Bold Spirit

Bold Spirit – Buffalo Games – 300 pieces

This is one of the Vivid Collection puzzles by Buffalo.  I don’t normally do 300 piece puzzles, but it was nice to start and finish a puzzle in such a short period of time!

This one was quite fun to do. It wasn’t a puzzle that you could look at a piece and see where it fit into the picture.  This was just color matching for the most part. Of course that’s basically what you do with every puzzle anyway.  The colors were bright and the finished image is really striking. It didn’t take much time at all with both my mother and I working on it.

Mom always finds the coolest puzzles at the thrift stores, and sometimes buys ones that we might not usually purchase – because they’re around 99 cents or so.  It’s nice to work a puzzle that you aren’t sure whether you’ll enjoy it or not and then be pleasantly surprised. If I saw this puzzle in a catalog or online it wouldn’t be one that would catch my eye; or if it did, I doubt I would have purchased it. But to my surprise I enjoyed putting this one together very much!

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