10% Finished! Monday 10-17-16

1/10 of the World’s Largest Puzzle Complete!

Success! I have finished one section of this enormous puzzle and I am soooo proud of myself! I can’t sit and work for hours, so there were a lot of 5 and 10 minute increments where I was able to work. From reading posts and group discussions online I have seen that most people keep track of their actual time (hours) spent working on these large piece count puzzles, but that seems more difficult/tedious in my case. So I’m just keeping track of days. Started on September 28 and finished today, October 17. Twenty days. That’s actually better than I anticipated. 4032 pieces, the largest I have ever done 🙂

It’s small, but I’ve put a tape measure across the bottom of the picture above so you can see the size of it; 54 inches wide and about 38 inches tall. I took another picture with the tape measure along the side and a few things on top to give you even more scale –  my husband’s longest golf club (driver) and an iPhone. It looks like a regular sized puzzle in the pictures so I wanted to show just how big it actually is.

My hubby’s driver, and an iPhone in the lower right corner – this is no small puzzle!

It was not an easy puzzle, but I enjoyed the challenge and it wasn’t so difficult as to be frustrating or tedious. The twinklies at the end were the most formidable, but once I got going I became more comfortable with the colors I was working with and each piece became easier to find. There were shapes repeated, especially along the edges, where paying close attention was a must. The pieces fit perfectly but the shading or something wasn’t exactly right. There were several times where I thought a piece was placed properly only to find that it wasn’t when adjacent pieces were added. It seemed in the interior of the puzzle that these happened only in 2’s. Perhaps each piece is repeated only once? It did not, however, diminish my enjoyment of the puzzle, and only added to my sense of pride and accomplishment once all the pieces were placed in their proper positions!

I’m giving myself a few days break, and may work a couple of normal sized puzzles in the meantime. I’m currently working on a 1000 piece Schmidt puzzle by Colin Thompson that I’m enjoying very much, and have a couple of 500 piece Dowdle puzzles to choose from as well. A little 500 piece puzzle might just be the palate cleanser I need before starting another section.

After consulting with my Puzzle Posse *mom and husband* ;), we have decided that the next section to be worked will be Fantasia. I want to get the most difficult sections done earlier on so I’m going to be alternating between the easier sections and the difficult ones. Fantasia, Cinderella and Peter Pan seem to me to be the most challenging, so they are the ones to be completed earlier in this process. Then nearer the end I won’t have to dread doing the more demanding sections because they will have been completed months ago!

I will probably start sorting Fantasia tomorrow and it may take a day or two to sort through them. Perhaps that will be a long enough break, perhaps not. We’ll have to wait and see how I feel, and whether or not I get antsy to get back to work. Of course, I can’t start work on the new section until we get the first one off the board, onto the big piece of cardboard and then figure out where we’re going to store it. Yikes. I need a bigger house!

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