Sunday 10-16-16

Snow White and her forest friends are almost finished!

Lots of momentum today, spurring me on toward the end; I had to make myself stop and take a picture. My eyes feel as if Mr. Sandman has been throwing sand in them for hours, but I wish I could stay awake and keep going, it’s so close!

There are 189 pieces left (I was WAY off yesterday when I said there were about 600 pieces remaining) and I’m hopeful that I will be able to complete this section tomorrow. Good thing I’ve got my Snow White soundtrack ready to sing along to! *Heigh ho! Heigh ho!  Just one more day to go!*

Grocery shopping is first on my list of tasks to accomplish tomorrow; my family for some bizarre reason expects that there be food in the house 😉 So after trips to 2 stores I hope to be home for the remainder of the day and not in too much pain to be able to work on the puzzle. I think my family would really enjoy making their own sandwiches for dinner, don’t you? It’ll be like a picnic!

Stay tuned everyone, I hope to have pictures of the completed section in 24 hours!

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