Celebrity Chief Chef!

Chief Chef
Celebrity Chief Chef! by James Alexander – Jumbo (Wasgij) – 1000 pieces

I haven’t done a Wasgij for a while, and I forgot how much fun they are. As usual I am not showing the full image, no spoilers allowed! I only show the person (or thing) shown on the box as a hint. I don’t think the hints are overly helpful though, at least they aren’t for me.

Jumbo puzzles are excellent quality, although I do realize that sometimes there can be a problem with pieces fitting where they don’t belong. It usually isn’t a problem with the Wasgij puzzles though, the images are usually full of bright colors and busyness. There are so many Wasgij puzzles here to do, but sometimes I forget about the giant stack of them in my closet.

For the most part the Wasgij images aren’t hard to figure out, you normally know what the people are wearing and can start with that. Also, as you’re sorting you can find blocks of color or something with which to begin. It’s just a matter of figuring out what the perspective is, or what you’re supposed to be deciphering. They’re always entertaining!


Wasgij In Progress

In Progress

I’m currently working on a Wasgij puzzle, it’s going a little slowly but I’m still having a good time. You won’t get to see the finished image here on my blog (I don’t like spoilers), but you can see Momma Cabbage and her babies running around – aren’t they cute? I’m not sure yet if they’re chasing the mouse or if he’s leading the way, but I will get it figured out eventually.

I have a stack of about 20 Wasgij puzzles in my closet over four feet high, and I need to work on whittling it down (some of them have 2 puzzles in the box, one of the actual box image and the other is the Wasgij that has to be figured out). Because they’re in my closet I sometimes forget about them, but they were calling to me yesterday and I got this one going.

As usual I’m loving it, it’s so satisfying when I figure out where a section belongs and fit it into place. Every now and then I challenge myself by putting away the box and assembling a puzzle without the aid of an image, with a Wasgij I don’t need to add the extra challenge – it’s built right in.


For this image you have to puzzle what the lady with the polka dot bow is seeing. All I know for sure is what the gentleman in the middle is wearing, so you’d think I would have started with his shirt – for some reason I haven’t even pulled those pieces yet. It may be the next section to be assembled though, we’ll have to wait and see. 🙂