A Purrrfect Escape!

A Purrrfect Escape! Wasgij Mystery #13 by James Alexander – Jumbo – 1000 pieces

A Purrrfect Escape was lots of fun! I really enjoy the Wasgij  puzzles, assembling a puzzle you have no picture for is a great challenge. I never show the entire image for these puzzles that you have no picture for, I don’t want to spoil the fun for anyone. I only show the character on the front of the box that has a before and after image; that way I’m not giving anything away and I’m not showing anything new.

The sense of humor of these artists is on par with mine, and I always enjoy the situations they’ve imagined and how their characters end up. In this puzzle Special Agent Wasgij has been captured by the enemy, he has to think fast and look for a getaway. How can he escape his shackles, distract the guards, and make his way to freedom? The answer is what you have to puzzle, and it’s an interesting result!

The colors on this puzzle were bright and fun and I enjoyed figuring out the solution to Special Agent Wasgij’s tiny problem. There were several people to assemble including guards, scientists, the evil villain and his girlfriend, and even the little old lady who serves the “evil tea”.

I still have a stack of Wasgij puzzles in my closet to assemble, it has been reduced some but is still almost 5 feet high with puzzles yet to be done. I’m tackling them when I can, although I just ordered the four new ones (which add up to 6 new puzzles as 2 of the puzzles have a bonus puzzle included!) I’m slightly addicted to puzzles, and a bit off my rocker; but I’m adorable according to my husband, so it’s all good. 🤗

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