Wasgij In Progress

In Progress

I’m currently working on a Wasgij puzzle, it’s going a little slowly but I’m still having a good time. You won’t get to see the finished image here on my blog (I don’t like spoilers), but you can see Momma Cabbage and her babies running around – aren’t they cute? I’m not sure yet if they’re chasing the mouse or if he’s leading the way, but I will get it figured out eventually.

I have a stack of about 20 Wasgij puzzles in my closet over four feet high, and I need to work on whittling it down (some of them have 2 puzzles in the box, one of the actual box image and the other is the Wasgij that has to be figured out). Because they’re in my closet I sometimes forget about them, but they were calling to me yesterday and I got this one going.

As usual I’m loving it, it’s so satisfying when I figure out where a section belongs and fit it into place. Every now and then I challenge myself by putting away the box and assembling a puzzle without the aid of an image, with a Wasgij I don’t need to add the extra challenge – it’s built right in.


For this image you have to puzzle what the lady with the polka dot bow is seeing. All I know for sure is what the gentleman in the middle is wearing, so you’d think I would have started with his shirt – for some reason I haven’t even pulled those pieces yet. It may be the next section to be assembled though, we’ll have to wait and see. 🙂

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