The Best Days of our Lives!

The Best Days of our Lives! by Graham Thompson – Jumbo (Wasgij Destiny #1) – 1000 pieces

The very first Wasgij Destiny! This one was much more difficult for me, perhaps because I wasn’t feeling well, or just because it was more difficult. Who can tell? As usual, I don’t show the entire image because I don’t want to spoil the fun of figuring it out!

With this puzzle the box shows children at school in the cafeteria and you have to puzzle them at their class reunion many years later. Will the lovebirds still be in love? Will the best friends still be friends? How will the teachers have changed? As usual Graham Thompson’s image is fun and funny and excellent for puzzling!

It took me 3 days to finish this puzzle, partly because it was a little more challenging than usual, and partly because there were many things going on with family obligations. Still, when I could I worked on it and it was a pleasure. As usual the quality was excellent and makes for a great tactile experience. Every time I complete a Jumbo puzzle I want to immediately do another; the way the pieces feel and fit together makes for a wonderful assembly in every way.

If you haven’t tried a Wasgij or any other Jumbo puzzle I highly recommend it. They have a great selection of puzzles to choose from –  photography, landscapes, collages, fine art, and some of the best cartoon puzzles around. There’s something for everyone!

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