A 14th Century Castle!

Wasgij Back to #2 – A 14th Century Castle! by Bill Houston – Jumbo – 1000 pieces

When I was deciding what puzzle to do next I looked at my photos and realized I hadn’t done a Wasgij in over a month, it was definitely time! This was the first of the Back To.. series that I’ve done, the opposite of the Destiny puzzles – and it looks like I love them both! 🙂

As usual, I don’t show the entire finished puzzle. I don’t like to ruin the fun for anyone in figuring it out for themselves.

Jumbo quality is exceptional and right up there next to Ravensburger – for me anyway. I love the feel of the pieces and how they fit together, and the puzzles are gorgeous! If you can’t tell – I’m a fan. 😎

In this puzzle we see a 14th century castle as it is today, with tourists and souvenirs and tours being given. So what was it like in the 14th century when the Lord of the castle lived there? Today they’re selling hot dogs and ice cream, what was being sold back then? There’s an archaeological dig today, where did those bones come from? It’s a great image for puzzling and you’ll enjoy the finished puzzle – there’s so much to look at!

I really enjoy the added challenge of the Wasgij and What If puzzles, it’s nice to puzzle without an image to work from, it feels like more of an accomplishment when I’m done. Plus the added bonus is that each series is from a manufacturer with excellent quality.

As usual, I loved this puzzle – no big surprise! How boring,they’re always great – ho hum. 😉

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