My Puzzle Pal

My adorable little Puzzle Buddy!

I’m working on a What If? puzzle at the moment, so I can’t show you an in progress picture, it would give too much away. So today instead of the puzzle I’m currently assembling I’m showing off my handsome puzzle pal . At this very moment he’s curled up in his bed taking a nap here in the puzzle room – it’s so darn cute!

Soon, when he’s had enough of being patient he’ll get up and go underneath the table and bump me on my knees with his cold, wet nose; what he’s saying is “That’s enough of being in here for now. Let’s go watch tv in bed or go outside.” He’s very polite about it, just a gentle little nudge to get my attention – he’s such a sweet tempered little guy.

When we go outside sometimes he wants to play, and sometimes he just wants to lay down in the sunlight. It’s very important to him that I go out too. He’s almost like a toddler, always wanting me to be there watching over him so he feels safe. Here he is yesterday taking a break from being in the puzzle room, working on his tan…

Buddy 1

We keep each other company during the day; whether we’re together outside while he plays or lounges around, watching tv, or while I’m working on my latest puzzle – he’s my constant companion wherever I go. I’m pretty darn fortunate to have such a good friend to share my days with. 💗

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