My Sweet Furbaby

So sweet, but uh oh!

Look at my adorable boy, looking sad and snuggling my nightgown. This beautiful, mostly well-behaved little Buddy (sweetest dog ever) made a very sour mess yesterday. To be fair, he had a little help. My husband was playing with him, throwing a toy and accidentally threw it where my 2000 piece puzzle was on the floor. Buddy skidded into it in his excitement, and it went kablooey!

I didn’t get that upset, it wasn’t really his fault; it’s mine for having it on the floor in the first place. It’s been there for almost a month and no harm has come to it, but things happen. Buddy’s always been very well behaved and doesn’t chew things up or get into stuff he’s not supposed to, so I suppose I felt too comfortable leaving the big puzzle on the floor. Again, my fault, not his.

I’ve got other stuff stressing me out this week, and I think that’s the reason I’m not that upset about this. In the grand scheme of things a messed up puzzle isn’t really that big of a deal, there are plenty of other things that truly matter. I’m boxing it up, to be attempted another day; but I will get it put together eventually. It just won’t be now. 😕

11 thoughts on “My Sweet Furbaby

  1. A long time ago I had two cats who liked chasing each other. I also puzzled on the floor, and even though I had a board that I would put over the pieces there were some awful messes. Not that I need any help making messes, some of the best ones I made all by myself…

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  2. Penny Allenbaugh Weiss

    Aww, poor little Buddy! He looks like he’s cuddling your nightgown cuz he feels so bad for breaking mommy’s puzzle. He’s so adorable….with a face like that, you can never stay mad! 🙂

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