Mansfield Air Spectacular

Mansfield Air Spectacular by Charles Wysocki – Buffalo – 1000 pieces

I had a fantastic time with this puzzle; it was great fun to assemble, the image by Charles Wysocki was excellent, and it had the usual outstanding Buffalo quality – it was one of those all around wonderful puzzles. Though it was a bit more challenging that I’d assumed; that sky took much more time than I thought. Yikes!

There have been many, many Buffalo puzzles that I’ve assembled, and I can’t recall ever having a major quality issue with any of them. The pieces are thick, fit together well, and there are a very good variety of piece shapes. The image reproduction is stellar, and in general they are an excellent quality puzzle that I never have any hesitation in purchasing.

Mansfield 2

The stands where the people sat were great fun to do, so many arms, legs, etc. I found it to be quite enjoyable, and a bit more difficult if you don’t look at the box.

Mansfield 1

Love that all the pilots were women! Once I started sorting pieces and saw that the faces were all female I said out loud (to no one) “Props to the ladies!”. 👩‍✈️💪 Yes indeed, I talk to myself and my puzzles while I’m assembling them; I am not ashamed to admit it.

I’m enjoying Buffalo puzzles in the larger piece counts much more than I used to, and even find them soothing for some reason that I can’t quite put into words. They’re wonderful quality and have a large and varied catalog of images to choose from. If you haven’t tried a Buffalo puzzle before, give them a go – they even have these fun zig-zag shaped pieces that no one else does – sometimes it makes it easier, and sometimes it does not.

Mansfield Air Spectacular was a great time in a small box. Puzzles Rock! 😎

Wysocki In Progress

Mansfield IP
Mansfield Air Spectacular by Charles Wysocki – Buffalo – 1000 pieces

After not touching any puzzles pieces for two days the withdrawal symptoms were too much to take, so I sorted and began this one yesterday. As you can see all that’s left is sky and clouds, so it shouldn’t be too much longer and it will be finished! Once I put all the clouds together I don’t think doing the rest of the all blue pieces will take much time at all.

I got this puzzle with my Christmas gift certificate to Barnes and Noble (along with about 9 other puzzles), and I love that it isn’t the typical Wysocki image. It’s been great putting it together so far, the pieces were so easy to sort – I love that – and have made for a quick assembly.

The quick assembly part is great, because my daughter brought me a new puzzle yesterday, and I love it so much that I can’t wait to start working on it! I even told her that I was a little bummed that I had a puzzle on my board because I wanted to stop everything and work on the new one! 😍

The new puzzle happiness had my PADS flaring up and I went the teensiest little bit crazy and ordered 5 new puzzles online, I haven’t done that in quite a long time! I’ve ordered one or two puzzles here and there, but never a bigger order from one place – it’s been well over a year and a half I think, maybe even longer.

In my defense, I was left unsupervised with a credit card and a computer and I cannot be held responsible for my actions. 😇