What’s In Progress?

The Quiltmaker Lady by Charles Wysocki – Buffalo – 1000 pieces

For me, this is what’s happening on my board. It’s been nearly two years since I’ve assembled a Charles Wysocki image – June of 2020 was the last time I worked on one! It’s going well, and I’m enjoying myself; you know I can’t resist an image with quilts. 🧵💜

So what is everyone else working on? Any awesome puzzles you’d like to share? I’m always in the mood to see beautiful, interesting, or just entertaining looking puzzles. Got a link to the puzzle image I can check out?

I’m feeling the need for some retail therapy and I’m looking for some suggestions. (Don’t worry about enabling my PADS, I’ll be buying puzzles with or without your help – just looking for some potentially great puzzles I might have missed!)

Shopping for puzzles doesn’t solve any real world problems for me, but it takes my mind off things for a while – and if I’ve done it right in the end there are new puzzles on the way to my house! 🧩🏡

16 thoughts on “What’s In Progress?

  1. Check out Jo Anns fabrics near you. Ours has tons of puzzles and they arent too expensive. I still fin Puzzle Warehouse, White Mountain and Amazon websites as the best for new ones. I believe you can shop directly on Ravensuger’s site for the Villanous puzzles.

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  2. Anonymous

    Wow, I admire your ability to do these puzzles with so many pieces! My mind goes wonky above 750. I’m currently doing one of the Artifact wooden puzzles: https://www.artifactpuzzles.com/collections/artist-hanson-erin/products/ecru-puzzles-erin-hanson-hues-of-zion-wooden-jigsaw-puzzle
    It is gorgeous with pieces shaped like little lizards – love it.
    And yes my PAD bends toward the expensive wooden puzzles, but it keeps me off the streets 😉
    Diane D


  3. Anonymous

    I bought the Seven Chakras by Liberty Puzzles and when I contacted them about the difficulty to assemble the eagle from the random pieces (same issue you talked about in your blog), they had a new puzzle in my hands within 1 week! Also, when I first got the puzzles, I couldn’t find 1 edge piece that might not have been in the box or may have been lost when I dropped several pieces. But they replaced the piece pretty quickly without any expense to me. They are an amazing company with awesome customer service!

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