Kellogg’s Vintage – Day 3

Kellogg’s Vintage – RoseArt – approx. 125/500 pieces

More of the vintage Kellogg’s mascots and boxes – how many of you knew that at one point the mascot for Honey Smacks (which used to be called Sugar Smacks and seems to have been altered for this puzzle) was a seal? I never knew that! A quick search tells me his name was Smaxey the Seal. I watched an old commercial with Smaxey on YouTube and, uh, it was something.

For me, the vintage image of Tony the Tiger is so odd looking with those eyes, I don’t ever recall seeing this version of him way back in the Cretaceous period when I was young. 🦖

Still, even though Tony’s eyes were freaking me out and I was completely in the dark about who the seal was, these puzzles were still entertaining to assemble and I enjoyed myself very much.

Anyone else out there tried these puzzle sets? Aren’t they great fun?

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