Bliss & Flowers in a Bad Vase

Bliss & Flowers in a Bad Vase by Jim Tsinganos – Mr. Bob Puzzles – 40 pieces

This beauty has been sitting in the drafts folder for quite a long time – even before I took my break. Mr. Bob sent this to me to review but asked me to wait to post until the launch of the entire line of acrylic puzzles was ready to go. It looks as if they’ve decided not to continue with this type of puzzle, so I’m posting about it anyway and just not doing a formal review of it.

This is a double-sided acrylic puzzle, twice the puzzle – twice the fun! I didn’t photograph the whimsy pieces for some reason that I cannot remember, but you can see some of them in the puzzle. The assembly was more difficult than anticipated, but still super entertaining.

If memory serves me correctly, Mr. Bob Puzzles started working on this new line of puzzles before the pandemic. Once that happened acrylic became both difficult to obtain and much more expensive. Many businesses were using it as shields for their workers, and it became very hard to get and too costly.

It’s a shame, it’s a great idea (just my opinion). You can put two different images inside and there won’t be any image lift – ever. Plus you wouldn’t have to worry about pieces breaking. But alas, these puzzles aren’t in production or available for purchase on their site. What a bummer. 😢

This is the last of the puzzles assembled in the last year or so. From now on all the puzzles I post will be from THIS year and I will definitely remember the assemblies – promise.

12 thoughts on “Bliss & Flowers in a Bad Vase

  1. Anonymous

    Wow what cool little puzzle! Thanks for the backstory on Mr Bob Puzzles, Stacey. I have some of their wooden puzzles in my Hoefnagel Puzzle club wishlist. This club has saved me tons of $$ in my wooden puzzle addiction 😉
    I have a really hard Artifact puzzle lined up for my puzzle table. Just have to JUMP TO IT!

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  2. Anonymous

    The Artifact puzzle I’m working on is called Botanical Dreaming. 1,273 pieces!
    That is more than double my usual piece count. And I say “working on”, but so far I have started at the box for a few weeks. 😉
    Maybe today!

    Can we add images to our posts?


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