100 Aussie Icons

100 Aussie Icons by Jim Tsinganos – Mr. Bob Puzzles – 40 pieces

While getting posts ready for when I’d be out of commission I realized I needed a few more completed puzzles, so I took this one off the shelf and put it together quickly – while I was finishing a cup of coffee. Truly a one coffee puzzle!

I put together this same image for a review over 3.5 years ago (as a much larger 515 piece puzzle), you can see it here if you’re interested. I remember having to ask Mr. Bob who all the icons were, being an uninformed American I had absolutely no clue. It’s a great image by Jim Tsinganos, and really fun to put together – whether it’s over 500 pieces or only 40.

These are the whimsy pieces. For my friend Kazza and any Aussie readers out there I made sure to put the country the right way up this time. My apologies for getting it wrong previously. I didn’t even think about it, just turned all the pieces over so you could see the extra lines in the figures and didn’t for one moment think about making sure it was right side up! So sorry guys, please forgive an aging Yank – it won’t happen again.

Bliss & Flowers in a Bad Vase

Bliss & Flowers in a Bad Vase by Jim Tsinganos – Mr. Bob Puzzles – 40 pieces

This beauty has been sitting in the drafts folder for quite a long time – even before I took my break. Mr. Bob sent this to me to review but asked me to wait to post until the launch of the entire line of acrylic puzzles was ready to go. It looks as if they’ve decided not to continue with this type of puzzle, so I’m posting about it anyway and just not doing a formal review of it.

This is a double-sided acrylic puzzle, twice the puzzle – twice the fun! I didn’t photograph the whimsy pieces for some reason that I cannot remember, but you can see some of them in the puzzle. The assembly was more difficult than anticipated, but still super entertaining.

If memory serves me correctly, Mr. Bob Puzzles started working on this new line of puzzles before the pandemic. Once that happened acrylic became both difficult to obtain and much more expensive. Many businesses were using it as shields for their workers, and it became very hard to get and too costly.

It’s a shame, it’s a great idea (just my opinion). You can put two different images inside and there won’t be any image lift – ever. Plus you wouldn’t have to worry about pieces breaking. But alas, these puzzles aren’t in production or available for purchase on their site. What a bummer. 😢

This is the last of the puzzles assembled in the last year or so. From now on all the puzzles I post will be from THIS year and I will definitely remember the assemblies – promise.


Retirement by Jim Tsinganos – Mr. Bob Puzzles – 501 pieces

Love, love, love this image! Not only is it beautiful and funny, it made for a fantastic assembly. Hubby decided to get me some more puzzles from Mr. Bob (I think because he wanted to spend a little extra money on himself, and buying me something too lowers his guilt about it). So he asked me to pick out two images and this was the first one I chose.

Mr. Bob Puzzles has a great catalog of beautiful, interesting, and unique images to choose from, it’s difficult to find just one or two that I want to order because I want almost all of them! 😍

Jim Tsinganos is one of the featured artists at Mr. Bob Puzzles, and I adore his artwork. You know how much I love humor – so this funny, silly, beautiful image jumped right out at me when I first saw it, and I’ve had this one on my mental wish list for quite a while. Thank goodness I finally was able to assemble it. There are several other images of his still on my list, and I hope to get them someday, what a fabulous artist he is!

The cut is more “traditional” with regular looking pieces, but it’s quite deceptive. With so many straight or nearly straight edges throughout the entire puzzle it becomes a much more challenging assembly than you would think. It isn’t possible to begin with the edges, at least it isn’t for me; most of the pieces look as though they might be edges! Even on the inside of the puzzle you have to focus much more on the colors, textures, and shading – it’s a bit of a mental workout and I love it.

Retirement 1

Great whimsies with this puzzle: Dorothy, Toto, The Tin Man, The Scarecrow, a flying monkey, The Wicked Witch of the West, etc. There are also the usual whimsies of Australia, clasped hands, and the Mr. Bob logo along with the profile of Mr. Bob too. I love the look of all of them!

My only criticism is – where is the cowardly lion? Was he too scared to show up for his profile sitting? Did he take too long to get there because his scooter slowed him down? I’m being silly, I know – but give an old lady some leeway to be ridiculous now and then. 😉

Retirement 2

Emerald Towers Retirement Suites – I really do love the art and humor of Jim Tsinganos!

Retirement 3

This closeup speaks for itself, it makes the entire image. I love how Dorothy’s shoes no longer have heels; she’s turned those in for flats which are so much safer and easier to walk in. The Cowardly Lion might have broken a hip or something and needs a scooter to get himself around, and The Tin Man needs a cane. You can’t really see a big change in The Scarecrow, other than he seems a little “heavier” than I remember him and a bit more stooped at the shoulders. He also seems to be leaning a bit on Dorothy.

Great image, great quality puzzle, wonderfully entertaining assembly – what more could you ask for? 💖🧩

Review: 100 Aussie Icons

Aussie Icons
100 Aussie Icons by Jim Tsinganos – Mr. Bob Puzzles – 515 pieces

100 Aussie Icons is a fantastic image, and made for a wonderfully interesting puzzle. This is one of two wooden puzzles sent to me for review, and I had an absolutely great time with the assembly. I’m so looking forward to the next one!

Mr. Bob Puzzles is an Australian puzzle company that has switched over from producing cardboard puzzles to making wooden ones. They primarily focus on the artwork of Australian artists, and are trying to avoid the well-worn path of puzzle images; I think that pitfall has been avoided, their catalog is full of interesting and not seen before images to choose from. The quality is excellent, with thick wooden pieces that feel good in your hands, and a cut that looks easy, but offers more of a challenge than you think.

There’s one thing I can’t show you with a picture – the smell. Mr. Bob Puzzles uses aromatherapy essential oils to give their wooden puzzles a wonderful smell. I can’t tell you what it is, because I have no idea the exact scent; all I can tell you is they smell amazing! Mr. Bob Puzzles believes in the health benefits of puzzling (there are 10 health benefits listed on the back of their boxes), and they are adding aromatherapy oils to their puzzles to enhance the assembly experience and add to the health benefits. It’s something I’d never heard of before, but I think it’s great and the scent in my puzzle room was truly lovely.

The first picture is after one day’s assembly. The second is when it is almost complete, all that’s left is the sky. The cut is seeming a simple one, with regular “puzzle” shaped pieces, but it’s quite deceptive. There are many straight edges on the inside of the puzzle, and it makes for a much more challenging assembly than I thought. I loved the added difficulty and it went together much more slowly than a 500 piece puzzle usually does for me. In my book that’s a plus!

Aussie Icons whimsies

According to the box, all Mr. Bob puzzles have Australia themed whimsy pieces, I love the kangaroo inside the shape of the country – very cool. Of course my favorite has to be the Sydney Opera House with my initials inside! 😍 I’m not sure if that’s something they do for everyone, but I loved it.

Aussie Icons 3

I’m sure a good Aussie could tell you exactly who all these people are. I was almost positive that the flag bearer was Ian Thorpe (Olympic swimmer), but of course I was wrong; he’s one of the surf lifesavers. Other than that I have to confess to being an uninformed American who had no idea who the rest of these people were until Mr. Bob sent me a legend with most of the icons. I would suggest that perhaps there be a page on their website with a legend of them all so that we could see the ones we missed. This image is one of their bestsellers, and I’m sure a list would be appreciated by those of us who aren’t up to date on our Australian history.

Also, you can see in the top right of the picture that Mr. Bob has put his logo into the puzzle, very clever!

The artwork is so detailed and full of interesting people and things and it made for a most entertaining assembly. The puzzle is quite large, about the size of the average 1000 piece cardboard puzzle, and I found the large pieces are quite nice to work with. I was impressed with the quality of this puzzle, and it is most definitely recommended. I will add that I was equally impressed with their very quick shipping – this puzzle was at my door 5 days after it left Australia. Amazing!


  • Title:                  100 Aussie Icons
  • Artist:                Jim Tsinganos
  • Brand:               Mr. Bob Puzzles
  • Piece count:     515 pieces
  • Size:                  Approx. 23 x 17 in. (54 x 43 cm)
  • Purchased:      N/A, sent for review


  • Board:               4.5mm wood
  • Cutting:             Excellent
  • Image:               Excellent
  • Box:                   Excellent
  • Fit:                     Excellent
  • Puzzle Dust:     None
  • Piece cut:          Grid cut, whimsy pieces
  • Piece shapes:   Very good variety
  • Finish:               Slightly shiny finish, lays flat

Overall Rating:      Excellent, highly recommended


I received this product at no cost in order to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are truthful and 100% my own.