Colorful Collage

Colorful Collage – Colorcraft Puzzles – 1000 pieces

Colorful and beautiful, and I just I knew I would love this one. It was exceptionally easy to sort, except for the two sections with straws; but I just sorted them together as one section. It was lots of fun and just what I needed.

This brand has good quality. There was a small section where the cutting wasn’t great, but it was only a few pieces and didn’t detract from the fun of assembly. Otherwise overall it was good quality. There’s something odd about the fit though – it doesn’t feel like a good fit, but once you’ve got it put together it stays very well. I’m not sure how it can BE a good fit but not FEEL like a good fit, but there it is. Like I said, it’s odd.

I was the most nervous about this section. It was difficult, but I was really proud of myself for getting it done!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, this was the easiest section for me. Kind of boring, really – but very pretty.

All the sections were so bold and colorful, I just adored this assembly! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

8 thoughts on “Colorful Collage

  1. Deb

    Really like this one! My fave section is the second from the right, bottom row.
    Thought of you yesterday – finally found the Aimee Stewart puzzle that I’ve been looking for forever VINTAGE SUMMER BOOKS. Like you, I love her work and this puzzle is just beautiful!

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  2. I recognize that thing about the fit not feeling good, even though you can’t say exactly why, and can’t see any prolem with the finished puzzle. It’s happened to me as well, and it’s really strange. Great image, though!

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