Colorful Collage

Colorful Collage – Colorcraft Puzzles – 1000 pieces

Colorful and beautiful, and I just I knew I would love this one. It was exceptionally easy to sort, except for the two sections with straws; but I just sorted them together as one section. It was lots of fun and just what I needed.

This brand has good quality. There was a small section where the cutting wasn’t great, but it was only a few pieces and didn’t detract from the fun of assembly. Otherwise overall it was good quality. There’s something odd about the fit though – it doesn’t feel like a good fit, but once you’ve got it put together it stays very well. I’m not sure how it can BE a good fit but not FEEL like a good fit, but there it is. Like I said, it’s odd.

I was the most nervous about this section. It was difficult, but I was really proud of myself for getting it done!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, this was the easiest section for me. Kind of boring, really – but very pretty.

All the sections were so bold and colorful, I just adored this assembly! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

Box of Buttons

Box of Buttons by Lori Jensen – Colorcraft Puzzles – 1000 pieces

This puzzle was so much fun, I love blocks of color! Each section is about 84 pieces; it isn’t as easy as it looks – but it is absolutely as much fun as it looks.

Colorcraft is new brand to me and I was quite impressed with the quality; excellent fit, variety of shapes, beautiful reproduction, a very nice hand feel, and minimal puzzle dust. Their catalog is full of bright, colorful, interesting images to choose from (and the occasional landscape or kitty as well). The box was just big enough to contain the 1000 pieces, which is nice when your available space to store puzzles is small. They only make 500 and 1000 piece puzzles as far as I can tell, but if you’re interested you should definitely check them out.

Overall I really liked this brand and am planning on trying more of their puzzles as soon as I let myself do some shopping. Of course with their catalog of bright, fun images it could be dangerous to let me loose on their website with a debit card. 💲🛒💲